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City Unscripted 

Are you looking for a new way of discovering a city you love? CityUnscripted’s unique local hosts could be the answer.

CityUnscripted was set up to help visitors see and enjoy the best of London as they would with a friend living in the city. They connect travellers to like-minded local hosts who can help them immerse themselves in the real city, its people and their every day lives. There are hosts of every age from 18 to 60+; each has different interests but they all love showing off their city to visitors. Each host is vetted by CityUnscripted so that they know them well enough to match them to the right guests. Experiences can be from an hour to multiple days depending on the availability of the local host. Each experience is personalized, based on the guests’ interests and needs. They can be as mainstream or ‘local’ and off the beaten path as the guests would like.

Unlike the typical guided tour which tends to be rigid and superficial, the experiences CityUnscripted offer are truly bespoke. Friendships are frequently made and guests who have been coming to the city for years find that they have a very different experience and understanding of the city. They are also very affordable, from £20 per hour per person. We recommend that you try them out.

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