january update

welcome to 2021 from hyde park residence – we hope you enjoyed a relaxing seasonal holiday and wish you a happy new year!


60 Park Lane
The work to all our rental apartments on the 3r​d ​to 6t​h​ floors has now begun.
These renovations will be carried out over the next 14 months with the final apartments being completed by February 2022.

55 Park Lane
The renovation of the rental apartments in 55 Park Lane will be carried out in phases. The initial phase of the works will involve corridor protection, after which surveying and renovation works will begin. Work in the following apartments will start in January 2021 for completion in December 2021:

Commencing 4t​h​ January 2021 9t​h ​floor: 180, 185, 188 and 190
Commencing 11t​h ​January 2021 8t​h ​Floor: 161, 168 and 170
Commencing 18t​h ​January 2021 7t​h ​Floor: 141
Commencing 25t​h ​January 2021 5t​h ​Floor: 102, 106 and 110


Security accommodation at 60 Park Lane
Scaffolding to assist the removal of this module was installed prior to the festive break. Dismantling will begin from 8t​h ​January 2021, with completion due by the end of March 2021. This will make way for the construction of the new lifts.

Enabling works at 60 Park Lane
From 11​​th​ January 2021 an external goods hoist will be installed within the lightwell to the rear of 60 Park Lane, spanning from the ground to 7​​ floor.

To assist with the renovation works, our existing water and electrical supplies will be relocated to a temporary plant room – this will commence from 4th​​ January 2021 and will be completed in March 2021.

East and West courtyards at 55 Park Lane
Scaffolding will be installed in the East and West stairwells from the 1s​t ​to 9t​h​ floors in January 2021:
Commencing 4t​h​ January 2021 – East courtyard
Commencing 18t​h ​January 2021- West courtyard
This will then allow works to the East and West stairwell windows, which will later allow for the reconfiguration of the building’s air conditioning units.