july update

The activities and developments outlined last month remain much the same for July as our contractor Beck is making good progress. During this month Beck is working on:

Layout designs have been completed for both 55 and 60 Park Lane and interior design decisions are now being made. In 60 Park Lane we are installing new floors and decoration. 55 Park Lane is progressing well with new internal walls, pipework, cabling and electrics. We are setting up a sample room so please do let us know if you would be interested in having a look at what fittings have been chosen.

55 and 60 Park Lane: corridors
The installation of IT, WiFi, air conditioning and the new water system continues so you will see the removal of ceiling panels. In 60 Park Lane we are beginning corridor services installation.

The new lift core foundations were completed in June so steelwork is arriving this month. The old gantries at the rear of 60 Park Lane will be removed as our new lift structure goes up. We are also starting the formation of the new corridor lift link.

55 and 60 Park Lane connection
The new 55 Park Lane lobby hoarding is in place. The temporary plant has been commissioned. The new steelwork will form the new link between 55 and 60 Park Lane.