may update

Our contractor Beck continues to make progress on the renovations and will be carrying out the following work in May:

All apartments have now been fully stripped out and the spaces are really taking shape as new room partitions are built and the interior concepts for the apartments are developed.

55 and 60 Park Lane corridors
The removal of ceiling panels to facilitate installation of IT, air conditioning and the new water system continues. In 60 Park Lane the installation of these services in the corridors has begun.

The excavated basement area in 60 Park Lane continues to be a hub of activity. This area will be waterproofed this month in preparation for the construction of the new plant room, lift shaft and lift motor rooms.

With the removal of Lift 2 at 60 Park Lane last month, Beck will be installing the steel frame for the new lift shaft which will house our two 13 person lifts.

55 and 60 Park Lane connection
Beck will begin work on the new internal link corridor between 55 and 60 Park Lane. This will allow guests to walk between 55 and 60 Park Lane without having to brave the elements and will be the first time the buildings have been linked on ground floor level.