october update

Our contractor Beck is making good progress and will be focusing on the following in October:

All apartments are now under construction. The first set of apartments due for completion has decorations underway, tiling to bathrooms has commenced and new timber flooring is being laid. Electrics are being tested ready for lighting to be installed. The final set of apartments to be completed in the project is having new walls and ceilings installed.

55 and 60 Park Lane corridors
All new services have now been installed in 60 Park Lane and the new corridor ceilings are being installed and plastered. The new air conditioning pipe and power supplies to 55 Park Lane have now been installed. The upper floors are due to be complete towards the end of the month.

The new plant room is being fitted out, and all new blockwork walls have been constructed. Rendering of the walls and floor screed will start this month.

55 and 60 Park Lane connection
The new link corridor steel is complete and the new blockwork walls are underway, ready for the new windows and doors.

Lift core
The lift steel work is progressing well and floors are laid up to the 2nd floor. The new connection through to 60 Park Lane is complete on every floor and the new structural floors are being installed.